In our four years as part of the Maple Street School, it has become far more than a preschool for our children – it has become a community dedicated to understanding and nurturing each of our kids based on their own personalities, strengths and challenges.

In our son’s second year at Maple Street, teachers noted his difficulties connecting with classmates and participating in group activities. We saw it ourselves on his third birthday: looking into his classroom with cupcakes in hand, I saw him sitting against the wall, staring off, disengaged from circle time. It was dis- concerting to see my little boy – gregarious at home – so withdrawn and closed off. What began was a two year journey of growth, spurned and supported by the teachers and staff at Maple Street. The school helped us identify additional services needed to help him, advocated by our side for those services, and then celebrated his progress along with us. By his fourth birthday, he had a best friend, was offering his ideas in group activities, and jumped joyfully upon turning four. Equal care and consideration has been given to our daughter, whose fierceness is her greatest asset and deepest challenge.

In finding Maple Street, we stumbled upon an enclave of true celebration of each individual and of an honest belief that every child can succeed and love learning. Maple Street will be part of who our children are and what they will become far beyond their preschool years, and for that we are forever grateful.
— Parents of two Maple Street students, Ages 3 and 5
When our family started at Maple Street, we were in distress. We were extremely concerned about our daughter’s speech and language, and her social and academic development. Her evaluation reports showed her more than 2.5 years behind in speech alone. She couldn’t communicate her basic info, needs, wants, if someone had hurt her or even if she had hurt herself. No singing, stories, nothing. She seemed stuck in her own little world. As a mom, I tried and tried but nothing was clicking for her. It was an extremely difficult time for us. We had little idea about what was wrong, what kind of a learner she would be, how to get her on track or even what kind of a setting would be best for her. What was very clear was that we wanted her to be in a loving environment where she could thrive.
We got all of this and more at The Maple Street School! We have been thrilled with Maple Street’s commitment to creating a truly special place with a nurturing a diverse and caring community that embraces all kinds of Brooklyn families and all kinds of kids.

We couldn’t be happier with her progress. She’s had a HUGE explosion of language and socialization this past September. While we still have a lot of work to do before kindergarten - It’s been pure joy to see her blossoming every day while making life long friendships with other Maple Street families.

I’d say the bulk of our daughter’s success is thanks to Maple Street. The teachers, administrators and directors have supported our entire family. Be it wiping my tears in the director’s office, accompanying me to special needs meetings with our school district, arranging private kindergarten tours around my busy work schedule or incorporating sensory activities & equipment for her - their work and dedication just shines through. It’s been nothing short of a miracle to watch our child grow in leaps and bounds over the last 1.5 years.
— Parent of current Maple Street student, Age 4