At Maple Street, children’s work is their play; they learn by observing and engaging with other students, their families, teachers, staff, and the greater community.

These interactions are driven by curiosity—an intense, basic human impulse that researchers consider one of the foundations of learning. Students spend up to three years at our school, and the profound lessons they learn during this time influence the rest of their lives.

On a typical school day they might listen to a teacher’s stories about growing up in Trinidad, sample Caribbean foods, and sing the songs he teaches them. They may visit neighbors such as the local fishmonger, or visit the ducks in the park, or tend the garden out front.

Through all of this, they are developing the fundamental social and emotional skills that ground personal and academic growth, creating confident, thoughtful, and joyful learners in the future.

We want to ride on unicorns. I can keep it at my house and it can visit us at Maple Street.
— Current Maple Street student, Age 4