Parents and families often come to Maple Street looking for a place to do more than just drop their child off and pick them up at the end of the day. Our cooperative structure creates a home where families are invited to make art, read books, help clean, troubleshoot the phone lines, teach salsa dance, serve on the school board, and engage wherever they can. Learning to participate in and advocate for their child’s education prepares each parent and caregiver well for kindergarten and beyond.

More than 2,000 families have forged connections at Maple Street over the years. They stay in touch beyond the preschool years.  For both current families and alumni, connecting with Maple Street teachers, friends, neighbors, and staff feels like a family reunion, replete with hugs and stories. Chance meetings in the neighborhood are part of the community’s social fabric. Each year about a dozen former students return to our school and work as counselors and assistants.

I first encountered Maple Street School as a summer camp counselor volunteer at the age of 14 and I fell in love with the environment and the people that made up Maple Street. When my son was born I could only dream of putting him in a school like Maple Street. With correct care and financial aid we were given the opportunity to send him to Maple Street. A few months into his journey at school his teachers noticed that he may need a little support with his body and communication, so we had him evaluated. If it wasn’t for the amazing staff at the school and all its resources I wouldn’t have known what to do, they really held my hand through it all and were with me every single step of the way.

Maple Street is not only a preschool for us, it’s a second home filled with a whole lot of family. The Maple Street community has been my greatest support and guide to help build a better future for not only my son but for my family as well. I am forever grateful to be part of this amazing community.
— Parent of current Maple Street student, Age 4